Webb Community's Cotton Gins
The cotton gin was the center of commerce in Webb and surrounding communities. The local cotton farmer's livelihood depended on it's existence. Growing cotton was a way of life. Due to urbanization and depressed prices, cotton is a dying industry in Texas today.

The first cotton gin in Bowman Springs was owned by Charlie Duke. It burned down and then Mr. Daniel Zuefeldt rebuilt it. It also burned down. The Midlothian Cotton Seed Oil Company built the next gin and it was later sold to Farmer's Co-op. This gin also burned down and was rebuilt by the Southland Cotton Seed Oil Company.

The gin consisted of two corrugated metal sheathed gabled structure connected by a breezeway, with elevated pipes and banks. When the Webb Co-op Cotton Gin owned by Webb Farmers Cooperative Gin & Supply closed on December 1, 1981, it was the last cotton gin operating in Tarrant County. It was the third cotton gin to exist on this site. Mr. Henry Ballweg was President of the gin.
              The story of "Mr. Fry and the Webbites"

There were people who would come by a field and if there were a lot of young men working he would ask them if they would like their picture taken. Of course when they were young they all wanted their picture taken. These fellas were all in Webb working in the field. Mr. Fry is on the back row far left with the big combrero and a cigar. He was fair complected so he had to wear a big hat so he would not sunburn. All the other workers were "Webbites" and unidentified.
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