Webb Baptist Church
Webb Baptist Church was organized on September 9, 1906. This is a wood-frame church sheathed in narrow horizontal wood siding; consisting of interlocking gabled cross wings; a slender square bell tower with steeple-roof and metal finial is located in the north east angle of the cross; smaller, gabled portico projects to east; windows are double hung and simple framed, simple entry; square shingles in gable ends. It has a detached "parsonage". It is now a Texas historical marker.

Pastors of Webb Baptist Church:

2007 to present Gary Wayne Flynt.
2007-2006 Karl Fickling.
1997-2005 Wayne Ogle.
1989-1997 Lowell Warren.
1984-1988 James R. Edwards.
1981-1983 James C. Cloud.
1977-1981 Wayne Flory.
1974-1976 Jim Aldridge.
1972-1974 Sammy Jones.
1966-1972 Charles H. Fox.
1963-1966 Eugene Hoover.
1960-1962 James Glisson.
1959-1960 C. Sellers Aycock.
1956-1959 J. M. McDonald.
1953-1956 James Hester.
1949-1953 Riley Eubanks.
1928-1949 J. M. Price.
1926-1927 George McGraw.
1924-1926 L. T. Grantham.
1923-1923 F. L. Huffstatler.
1921-1923 C. A. Todd.
19191921 Roger Pryor.
1916-1919 E. D. Reece.
1914-1914 Reverend Sipes.
1908-1914 J. N. Hunt.
1907-1908 M. C. Jackson.

Webb Masonic Lodge #1454 now occupies the old Webb Baptist Church building, Meetings Third Tuesday of every month at 7pm Meal 1 hour prior to meeting. The Masonic District 64-D in Tarrant County is 22 Years old. It's charter was granted on December 8th, 1990. The Lodge has 86 members.

Address is 7000 Zuefeldt Dr. Arlington,,TX 76002 Phone (817) 468-9992
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